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Susie Dancer

Red Dragon Dice
Victoria BC
Hi there! Welcome to my gaming table, I'm looking forward to teaching you a fun Pandasaurus game!  I will be teaching Umbra Via and Gods Love Dinosaurs. :)

I'm from Victoria BC, and when I'm not working at my day job I'm probably playing, demoing, or playtesting a board game. Sleep? Oh yes, that too...

I own Red Dragon Dice and through it I run a board game library at a number of the local gaming and comic conventions and sell dice. The selling of dice is partly an excuse to get new dice for myself and to add new games to the board game library. I usually take about 70-80 games for the library at each convention.

I've been hearing good things about TCTC so am very thankful for this opportunity to attend and to teach. Can't wait to attend one in person!