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Christoph Sapinsky

Random Alien Games
RPG Room Manager
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Random Alien Games is my tabletop roleplaying game design imprint. My name is Christoph Sapinsky and I am tabletop and video game designer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I started playing games in the 1980s with a sega master system and red box D&D.
Later I began making games in 2002 as a game designer in the video game industry. More recently, combined my passion for tabletop RPGs with my game design expertise to create Free Spacer.
On September 18th 2018, the Free Spacer Kickstarter was a success. With Lisa Sapinsky as Art Director, Karen Twelves as Development Editor, and Alex Roberts as Proofreader, we completed the core book. To accompany it, I lead a group of designers—Melody Watson, Kira Magrann,  and Johnstone Metzger—to make the Free Spacer Sector Archive with the help of Lisa Sapinsky as Art Director, Karen Twelves as Development Editor, and Matthew Seagle as Proofreader. 11 months later I fulfilled all backer orders for both the core book and the Sector Archives.

My Gamemasters Sessions

Saturday, March 27

12:00pm PDT