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I have 2.5 designed and published games to my name (none of which are board games, yet)

- The Stanley Adventure- a point and click adventure game available on iTunes and Google Play. I was the producer and narrative designer

- The Astronaut Selection Test - an Amazon Alexa quiz that tests if you have what it takes to be an astronaut. Created for Tim Peake and the European Space Agency. I was the creative lead and producer for that project. Unfortunately, it's only available in the UK.

- The Dead Good Chatbot - kind of sort of a game (hence the .5). It's a chatbot that categorizes crime fiction into 180 categories, based on reasons why people choose their crime books.


I am currently designing a board game called INDOCTRINATE!, which is currently in closed playtesting. This game has you play as the leader of a cult. You'll develop your philosophy, grow your following, and build your camp as you resist pressure from the nearby townspeople of Sunrise and other cults growing in the area.

It's an engine building, worker placement, and light tile placement game. It runs approximately 90mins and is good for 2-4 players (I would like it to work for 1-5)